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Plants for the Sol
Gems, minerals, and decor for the Soul.
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My name is Richelle. I started this succulent journey as an enthusiast and collector myself. I found plants and gardening to be very therapeutic and uplifting. Their resiliency and vast assortment captivated me. It amazes me how many different types exist! I've made it my mission to find and share them with people who felt the same.

   We carry some of the most rare succulent specimens in the world, and pride ourselves in providing only the finest quality and most unique assortment we can find.

We strive to share only the best, healthiest succulents. Many times we hold onto plants for weeks at a time in order to get them where they need to be before they find their new homes. I refuse to just push out plants for the sake of profit. If a plant arrives to me etiolated (stretched), lacking color, misshapen, or damaged...we will keep it until it is ready to be sold, or discount it accordingly. I am here to provide lovely plants first and foremost. I also make it a point to offer fair prices. Being a collector first, I understand the passion for these plants and I want to make them more readily available where I can. We do carry some extremely rare cultivars, that in some cases cost us a lot to bring in, but you can be assured that we will always put our customers first in regards to cost.

Honesty and integrity are our most important policy.

Thank you so very much for your support and sharing my succulent love! You are the cornerstone of our little business...without you Moonlit Sol Succulents couldn't exist.

Welcome to our garden!

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